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Are you a Texas resident in need of a stair lift?

Whether you need to purchase an indoor or outdoor stair lift for straight or curved stairwells, we can help. Stair Lifts Texas Inc., is a leading supplier of stair lifts in Texas.

Find the Right Stairlift

When you work with us, you get the benefit of more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We’ve been helping Texas customers find the right stair lift for more than two decades, giving our staff members the knowledge needed to help you find a stair lift to meet your needs. No matter your budget or installation requirements, we can help you find a comfortable stair lift at a price you can afford.

Whether you are looking for a curved or straight stair lift in Texas, Stair Lifts Texas, Inc., is ready to help. Talk with one of our knowledgeable installers to find out which model is the best one for keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Make Your Home a Safer Place

Arthritis, muscle weakness, and other medical problems make it difficult to get up and down the stairs, especially if your stairway is steep. Stairs are also an obstacle for people with broken legs and other injuries that take several weeks or months to heal. If you have trouble getting up and down the stairs, a stairlift can make your home much safer.

Call Stair Lifts Texas Inc., today to discuss your needs. One of our friendly staff members will explain the features of each model and help you choose the best stairlift for your specific needs. If you need help transferring from the stairlift to a regular chair, we have models that swivel to make the transfer easier. We also have fixed-chair models if that is what you prefer. When you contact our company, we’ll listen carefully and prepare an estimate that fits your budget.

Protect Your Loved Ones

If you have an elderly loved one, buying a chair lift and having it installed is a great way to show how much you care. Elderly people can maintain a high level of independence as long as they are able to move around their houses. A high-quality chair lift makes it easy and safe for your loved one to go up and down the stairs, so call us if you’d like to look at one of the many models we have available.

Choose the Right Style for Your Home

Stair Lifts Texas Inc., has more than 20 years of experience with stairlift installation all over Texas. Some vendors go out of business after just a few years, which is why we deal only with top rated suppliers who sell high-quality chair lifts.

Shop with us to find stairlifts from Acorn, Sterling, Bruno, Stannah, Hawle and other top manufacturers. We make the process easy; simply browse our wide selection of stairlifts and choose the one that best fits your needs. Every model is built to last, keeping you safe and giving you a lot of value for your money. We also sell chair lifts in a variety of styles. Whether you are looking for a stairlift that is curved or straight, or one made for indoor or outdoor use, you can trust us to help you find the right model.

Take Comfort in Our Experience

The process of choosing the right stairlift can be overwhelming if you don’t have an experienced professional to guide you. We pride ourselves on helping customers narrow down their options and choose the right chair lift at just the right price. If you are ready to shop for a sturdy stairlift, contact us to discuss your needs.

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I was diagnosed with early stage cancer and walking up and down the stairs became extremely dificult. The staff at Stair Lifts Texas went out of their way to help me choose the product that would help me best and be the most cost effective. I also liked the fact they respond right away and answered all my questions thoroughly. I am so grateful I found them and that they had a local dealer close to our home in Memorial Park which made everything even better!

Mark Richardson Houston, TX

Thank you Stair Lifts Texas for all your help! I called them late on a Sunday night about ordering a new chairlift. Their local dealer met with me the very next morning.  I had a new stair lift installed the following week. Everyone I dealt with was nice, understanding of my distress and responsive to all my questions.

Linda Mason Dallas, TX

I recently had hip surgery and could no longer go up and down the steps. I contacted Stair Lifts Texas Inc., and Mike was kind and easy going and explained all the various options. We ended up going with a different seat than what I originally chose, yet the guys did not charge me extra and the whole installation was handled professionally. I am really happy with the work…thanks again guys for saving me from walking up the steps!

Timothy Watkins El Paso, TX

I am very pleased I decided to go with Stair Lifts Texas Inc. I shopped around a bit and found that they were friendly and able to answer all the questions I had. We needed a curved lift and they had many models and brands to choose from. They even came back a few weeks later to make sure everything was up to my satisfaction! Would highly recommend them to all my friends.

James Bradley San Antonio, TX

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